Charlie Jo is Home After Over TWO YEARS with AWF

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Many happy tears were shed at our shelter today as we say goodbye to one of our longest residents – Charlie Jo!!

This sweetheart had been with us for over TWO YEARS after she was surrendered to us by her owner. She struggled at our shelter, where she was stressed and anxious. As a result, she did not show well to potential families who visited. The stress also caused her health issues.

Charlie Jo was recently able to be fostered by one of our amazing foster moms at her calm and loving home. This gave Charlie Jo the environment she needed for her true colors to show back through! This playful, cuddly, sweet girl could finally relax for a bit. Her foster mom called her “the easiest dog to live with”.

And now, Charlie Jo has found her forever family, where she has a mom and dad, two little dog siblings, a human brother at home, and four visiting grandkids who she gets along great with! (Charlie Jo LOVES kids!) Her family had visited Charlie Jo in the past, and when they were looking for a new dog she instantly came to mind. (They were thankfully able to adopt her now since the Anamosa breed ban was lifted!) They also recently had a senior dog of theirs cross the rainbow bridge, and while we know there’s no replacing a dog you love, we hope Charlie Jo can help them heal.

This is the perfect ending to Charlie Jo’s chapter with us, and a wonderful beginning to her new life. CONGRATULATIONS!!