We are SO grateful for our amazing fosters! Fosters give our animals a break from the shelter, which decreases their stress and boosts their happiness & health. This also improves the animal’s chances of getting adopted! In some cases, fosters help animals who have never lived in a home learn how to be comfortable.

What is Fostering?

Simply put, you provide love and temporary housing to a shelter pet, we provide everything else. Whether it’s for the day, over the weekend, or until they’re adopted! Any time out of here = QUALITY TIME for our pets! While they are fostered with you, AWF is responsible for the vet bills, food, and anything else your foster pet may need! YOU get to have ALL the fun of owning a pet without ALL of the costs!

Apply to Become a Foster

Interested in fostering an AWF animal? The first step is to fill out a foster application: