Goodpup Training

We have partnered with Goodpup which is a one-on-one dog training program that can be accessed through an app and used at home.
We are only the third shelter in the state of Iowa to partner with Goodpup
Goodpup is a good resource for people looking to adopt a dog and wanting to train them but can’t pay for a high end trainer
Training after adoption decreases the rate of returning a pet by allowing the new owner to address behaviors immediately and create a routine that will help the dog settle in.
Training is best done in short, 10-minute sessions, 2-3 times a day so the dog does not get bored but will be stimulated
Goodpup is a no obligation training app with access to over 200 certified dog trainers.
The first week is free and signing up a rescued pet will guarantee a lifetime 10% discount
There is no minimum. Sign up by the week, pause it, and pick up where you left off
Signing up includes access to a library of training help
Anyone that signs up, adopters or in the community, will generate a donation to Animal Welfare Friends from GoodPup!
To learn more, please click on this link: