Looking for Fosters

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Dear Friends of Animal Welfare Friends,
With the number of surrendered animals up and adoptions down across the country, we are in need of your help. Waiting for adoption in a shelter is stressful! If you are able, could you foster a dog? Whether a day out for fun, a weekend sleepover, or a couple of weeks. Our dogs would love the time away from their kennels to be their true selves.

We provide everything you need: Food, bowls, leash, and a pet profile. All we ask is you take lots of pictures and share them with us and your social media friends to spread the word about the dog so we can get them adopted faster. Fosters allow our adoptable dogs to be themselves and, in the process, we learn more about the dog to find the right home.

If interested, view our adoptable dogs or call us at 319-975-8283 to set up a time to “check out” the dog you are interested in, and enjoy!