Our Dog Park

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Our Dog Park is located on AWF’s land in front of our shelter at 22407 Business HWY 151, Monticello, IA. Our dog park is open from sun up to sun down, and is currently free for all to use. Donations for park maintenance and upgrades are appreciated if able, and can be made on our website here.



There are two areas to our dog park:

  • The Duane Ockenfels Memorial Dog Park, made possible by the Roger Ockenfels family. This smaller area is great to keep dogs close for play!
  • The large fenced in area/walking trail. Many generous donors made this space possible. It is a great area for your dogs to walk, roam, sniff, and just be dogs!


We ask that all Dog Park visitors abide by the following park rules:

All dogs must

  • be fully vaccinated for rabies
  • be accompanied by a responsible person at least 16 years old
  • be on a leash when entering and exiting the area
  • be under the handler’s visual contact and voice control at all times

We do not allow:

  • vicious, dangerous or aggressive dogs
  • dogs with communicable diseases
  • dogs in heat
  • any glass

Dog handlers must

  • close the gates! Going in, going out. Close the gates.
  • not let their dog run free until they are inside of the park with the doors closed
  • be with their dog in the park at all times
  • be responsible for the actions and behavior of their dogs at all times
  • monitor their dog – you are responsible for the safety of your dog
  • be able to produce rabies vaccination paperwork
  • get permission from other dog park users if bringing more than two dogs in the park at one time
  • clean up after their dogs using the biodegradable bags available at the dog park. All dog waste should be deposited in the waste tank provided
  • carry a leash for each dog at the dog park
  • discourage dogs from excessive barking and dominating behavior such as staring, humping, and bullying
  • stop dogs from digging and fill holes made by their dog

We want all dogs to be safe and have all of the fun running around the dog park so please do your part to ensure all pets are safe.
We’re so glad to be able to offer this wonderful space for the dogs in our community, and we hope you visit soon!

Information on naming rights and other park memorial items can be reviewed at https://animalwelfarefriends.org/shelter-naming-rights/