Our Goal: Kuranda Beds for Every Dog at our Shelter!

We are on a mission to get Kuranda beds for every dog at our shelter!

Kuranda beds are elevated, cot-style beds that offer orthopedic support to dogs, while still being resistant to wear & chewing. They can also be easily cleaned, which is extra important in a shelter environment. And, the beds help prevent pressure sores that form when dogs lay on hard surfaces for long periods of time.

We are fortunate to have received some newly donated Kuranda beds this week, and the dogs absolutely love them — thank you!! But we’ve love to be able to provide the same support for each dog we care for. Please take a look at our goal and consider contributing: https://kuranda.com/donate/14116

Any amount helps — if you are not able to contribute the cost of a full Kuranda bed, you can make a donation of any amount & note that you intend it to go to the purchase of the beds.

AWF and our dogs thank you for your support!!