Sixteen dogs being FLOWN to our shelter!!

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We have a busy but EXCITING week ahead of us — and we could use your help!! There will be approximately 16 Labradors and Labrador mixes arriving Thursday, June 11, by PLANE! The dogs are coming from an overcrowded shelter in Tennessee, and will be flown into the Monticello airport by a volunteer Tennessee pilot.

At this time, we’re expecting 7 seven-week-old pups, 2 four-month-old pups, 5 six-month-old pups, a five-year-old, and a young Beagle. We’re fortunate that we have space in our dog kennels to help out, as dog adoptions have been happening quickly in our area lately! We know we can help these dogs find wonderful forever homes.

Thursday, June 11, Friday June 12, and Saturday June 13: Extra help is needed with dog chores and socializing.
Please call our shelter at 319-975-8283 to schedule a time to volunteer.

All of the dogs coming in will need spayed/neutered before going home (aside from the youngest puppies, who are not old enough yet, but whose surgery we cover once they are older). This is one of our most costly vet procedures, but also one of our most important. Our adoption fees rarely cover the full cost of the care our animals receive before heading to their new homes. We could really use some extra help covering the costs of these 16 spays/neuters. If you are able to donate toward this care, we would be so grateful! You can donate online or at our shelter. Or, take a look at our online fundraising shop, where all proceeds for this month are being put specifically toward vet costs:

The dogs will not be immediately ready to go home, but adoption applications can be filled out any time on our website or at the shelter. Puppies always get lots of interest, so apply quickly! We will do our best to respond promptly, but please be patient as we will likely receive dozens of applications to process. Applications will be kept on file at our shelter until a match has been made, even if we are unable to match you with one of these pups.

You can visit our shelter during regular open shelter hours: Tuesday-Saturday from noon-6:30. Though the shelter has returned to regular hours, please note that we are continuing to limit the number of visitors in the front lobby for the safety of our visitors, volunteers, and employees.

Thank you – We can hardly wait!