We are always in need of volunteers! AWF is still in existence today due to our dedicated volunteers and we’re always looking to add to that list. Whether you want to help once a month or every week, we have a job for you!

If you would like begin volunteering for AWF, please fill out our Volunteer Questionnaire!

Volunteer Questionnaire

Volunteers are needed for:

  • Socializing/exercising animals at the Shelter
  • Cleaning at the Shelter (training required)
  • Covering the front desk during open hours (training required)
  • Helping plan, setup, and run fundraisers & events
  • Baking for bake sales
  • Transporting animals to vet appointments & events
  • Transporting donations
  • Entering animal info into management systems

Get more details on specific volunteer opportunities here!

Please note that most volunteer opportunities at the shelter are limited to persons 14 years and older for safety reasons. Though, children accompanied by adults can help socialize cats, walk dogs, etc. Feel free to reach out for more details – and we will add more details here as we are able. Thank you!


Shelter Volunteer Schedule

If you’ve been trained to help complete shelter chores, or are interested in signing up to help at the front desk (no training needed), you can sign up for a time slot to volunteer on our Shelter Volunteer Schedule!



If you would like apply to become a foster for AWF animals, please fill out a foster application!