Volunteers Needed!! Cat & Dog Chores (Cleaning & Feeding)

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We are in great need of more volunteers to assist in Cat & Dog chores! While these tasks need done every day, you can sign up to do them whenever works for you. The more people we have doing chores one day here or there, the more coverage we’ll have! Our shelter manager, Amy, will train you completely on what you need to know to do the chores, whether that be cats, dogs, or both. You can call or email the shelter to set up a day & time to train that works for you! (319-975-8283 or shelter@animalwelfarefriends.org)

  • “What do cat chores entail?”: Cat chores primarily include cleaning litter boxes, cleaning messes as needed, washing food & water dishes, and getting them food & water.
  • “What do dog chores entail?”: Dog chores primarily include moving the dogs to the outdoor kennels to potty, cleaning their kennels (if needed), getting them food & water, moving them back inside to their kennels, and cleaning up the outside kennels as needed.
  • “I would love to help but my schedule is tight.”: No worries! We will be thankful to have you help when it works in your schedule!
  • “How long will training take?”: Training is hands-on, so you will actually be helping with chores while training. Please plan on approx. 1 to 2 hours, depending on the number of people scheduled to help with chores.
  • “What should I wear?”: Old clothes and closed-toe shoes. And because the animals may be so happy to see you that they may jump, we suggest you wear pants or capris.
  • “Can I bring family members or friends to train with me?”: Of course! We have several groups that like to sign up together to do a shift. The more merrier!
  • “What if it’s been a while since I’ve volunteered?”: We have checklists for both dog & cat chores that you can reference each time so you don’t miss any steps!
  • “Once I am trained, what is next?“: When you find a date that works for you, you can sign up for chore shifts on our website the Volunteer section.

Ready to get started? Thank you, we’re so excited to have you! Reach out to shelter manager Kate directly to schedule a training time: 319-975-8283 or shelter@animalwelfarefriends.org