Remembering & Honoring

Animal lovers are a special breed of humans, generous of spirit, full of empathy, perhaps a little prone to sentimentality, and with hearts as big as a cloudless sky.

Please contact us if you notice any errors in our memorials section and we will do our best to get it fixed promptly!

August 2020

  • In memory of Fred Williams – from Tom and Peggy Norlin
  • In memory of Meda Weller – from Ginny Knepper
  • In memory of Max the dog & Panther the kitten – from Luke Welter
  • In honor of Lillian Foley – from Daniel and Andrea Foley
  • In memory of Pete Kennedy – from Tom and Cindy Bagge

June 2020

  • In memory of Leode Thompson – from Julie Thompson

May 2020

  • In memory of Sandy Edwards – from Jerry Lindner
  • In honor of Max – from Nancy Burgess
  • In memory of Crikey – from Marvin and Carol Parmer
  • In memory of Bubby, Bodie, and Bosie – from Catherine Davies
  • In memory of Jade and Torue – from Darrin Byers

April 2020

  • In honor of Priscilla – from Mitch and Diane Truesdell
  • In memorial of Sandy – from Jack and Sue Onken
  • In honor of Willow – from Kate Williams
  • In memory of Eevie and Bucky – from Kay Rissler
  • In honor of Annie Locher – from Margaret Eastburn

March 2020

  • In honor of Claire Tuetken – from Jennifer Tuetken
  • In memory of Bob Meier – from Shirley Meier & Family
  • In memory of Mrs. Jack (Bettly L) Colehaor – from Kay Smith
  • In memory of Buffy – from Darwin and Elizabeth Coleman
  • In memory of Richard Pace – from Virgnia Pace
  • In memory of Margaret Harms – from Richard Harms
  • In memory of Lois Schwartz – from Wayne Schwartz
  • In memory of Frodo – from David and Sheila Sallen
  • In memory of Bailey – from Jenny Colehour
  • In honor of Ahme and Morris – from David & Joy Kern
  • In honor of Harvey and Lional Richie – from Sandee Conley
  • In honor of Jenny – from Calli Keltner
  • In honor of Kendra, Conner, Zoey, Piper, and Aiden – from K Obrien
  • In honor of Allie AKA Gloria – from Dave and Kim Miller
  • In honor of pups Ben, Maisy horses Tiger, Ruler – from Sherri Evans
  • In honor of Pepper, Lady, Queen – from Mary Lou Schipper
  • In memory of Don McCarthy – from Tom & Cindy Bagge
  • In memory of Wilma – from Kallie Schmitt
  • In memory of Buster and Baby Girl – from Mrs. Denise Seeley
  • In memory of Ginger – from Lori Hunt
  • In memory of 3 rescued dogs & 4 rescued cats – from Dee Shlenfeldt
  • In honor of Duke – from Teri and Jim Meis
  • In honor of Pets adopted through AWF – from Tim and Kristy Raine
  • In honor of Leo, Levi, Lucy – from Ernie and Kim Kurth
  • In honor of Candy Roberg – from Jean Meehan
  • In honor of Archie – from Bob and Joanne Klinkkammer
  • In honor of Mandy – from Al and Dianne Nerney
  • In honor of grandchildren – from K O’Brien
  • In honor of Richard Place – from Virginia Place
  • In memory of all her rescued pets (3 dogs and 4 cats) that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge – from Delores Ihlenfeldt
  • In memory of Monica Brokaw – from Randy Brokaw

February 2020

  • In memory of Phyllis Lumpa – from Cindy & Tom Bagge
  • In memory of Claire Gesie – from Cindy & Tom Bagge
  • In memory of Robert Meier – from Cindy & Tom Bagge
  • In memory of Harry – from Kathy Auen
  • In memory of Robins – from Kay Risser

January 2020

  • In memory of May Anne Stickley – from Denny, Shirley & Corey Barger
  • In memory of Richard & Kathleen Tjaden & Keith Lee – from Patty Lee
  • In memory of Winny – from Alan Jacobs Farms, Inc.